5th Annual Backpack Birthday

David Donofrio
1 min readJun 15, 2022

It’s the 5th Annual Backpack Birthday!!! For the last 4 years, David Donofrio has dedicated his birthday to gathering and donating school supplies to kids in need in our community. This year is no different! Please scroll down for further details.

From July 4 to July 15, stop by David’s home at 4699 Snowy Meadow Dr., and there will be drop off spaces on the porch for school supplies of any kind!

At the end of the event, David will ensure that the schools in most need in our communities receive the supplies.

Most Needed Items:

-Crayola Markers
-Writing Journals
-Notebook Paper
-Glue Sticks (Not Liquid)

You may also direct-Amazon items to this address, or, all donations during this period at www.davidforkids.com will go toward this purpose.

Thank you for your support of our students!

Paid for by David Donofrio for Ohio, Ryan Ladina, Treasurer.



David Donofrio

David Donofrio is an involved member of our community, and a fierce supporter of teachers and public education. #DavidForKids